Leading Digital Gift Card Platform Delivers Simple, Cost-Effective Gift Card Program to Help Small and Midsize Businesses Boost Sales and Increase In-store Traffic

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—October 27, 2015Gyft Inc., a First Data company and the pioneer of the mobile gift card wallet, today announced that it will be launching the Gyft Business app on the Clover App Market. Gyft Business enables any small or midsize business (SMB) with a Clover point-of-sale (POS) system to seamlessly reduce costs and harness the benefits of gift cards with just a few taps on a Clover POS screen. With Gyft Business, every SMB can now provide the same in-store experience as a national retailer like Starbucks, allowing customers to purchase and reload gift cards with ease.

Gift cards are beneficial to all kinds of businesses. They improve sales and boost in-store traffic by serving as a constant, branded reminder in a customer’s pocket or mobile phone. Gift cards have also been consumers’ top-requested gift for nearly a decade, according to a recent study from the National Retail Federation. And SMBs can build wider customer awareness by offering gift cards, as over one-third of gift card recipients are new customers.

“The Gyft [Business] app has created an efficient and simplified way for us to issue and redeem gift cards,” said Amy Keppeler, owner of The Barn Owl, a boutique in Delafield, Wisconsin. “Not only has it driven more business for us, it has given my customers more purchasing and gifting options.”

The New Gyft Business App on the Clover App Market

Gyft Business is the most comprehensive gift card app available for SMBs, as it enables a simple, practical, and effortless digital and plastic gift card program that can be managed from any Clover Station, Mobile or Mini device. Gyft Business also provides an online merchant portal, available 24/7, where vendors can order custom gift cards, analyze sales metrics and get direct access to a help and support system.

For SMBs who already have gift card programs, Gyft Business—which is free to install and has no monthly fees—can easily convert existing gift cards so they can be swiped, scanned or manually keyed in during checkout. Gyft will continue to enhance the app’s features and work with SMBs to meet growing needs.

“Creating a simple to use, affordable gift card program for small and midsized businesses was our main priority,” said CJ MacDonald, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Gyft. “Setting up a gift card program shouldn’t be out of reach for any business.”

About Gyft

Gyft, a First Data company, was founded in January 2012 by Vinny Lingham, CJ MacDonald and Mark Levitt with one goal: To disrupt the existing $100 billion gift card market. Gyft is a gift card platform for consumers, businesses and retailers that enables customers to easily buy, send, upload and redeem gift cards from any device. In 2014, Gyft was acquired by First Data, a global technology leader in the financial services industry. For more information, visit merchant.gyft.com.


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