1. Account Settings & Password

+ How do I reset my password?

In order to reset your log in password, just head on over to: https://app.gyft.com/users/reset_password/.
After you enter your email address, click ‘Reset Password’, and you will get an email with instructions on how to complete the process.

+ What if my app freezes?

If the app is acting up we recommend force closing it and opening it again! Sometimes it just needs a refresh.

+ Can I opt out of logging in?

Yes, you do not have to sign into the app. You can use Gyft to simply store your cards. We highly recommend that you do log in, though, because logging in allows us to have your gift cards backed up on our cloud system. If you ever lose your phone or if your phone gets stolen, we will be able to retrieve them.

+ How do I change my 4-digit security passcode?

If you forgot your security code or security questions, you will have to delete the app and re-install it on your phone. This will reset your code and questions.

+ How do I add a secondary email address to my account?

To add a secondary email address:

  • Log into your Gyft account
  • Click on your name at the top right-hand corner
  • Click on “Profile”
  • Add email address in the Email section

Don’t forget to validate this new email address.

2. Getting Started

+ What countries does Gyft work in?

Currently, Gyft is only available in the United States. 

+ How can I optimize performance of my Gyft app?

Make sure you have a strong internet connection when syncing, uploading cards and redeeming cards.

+ What if my question is not listed here? Who can I contact at Gyft?

Contact the Gyft Support team at anytime and a Gyfter will be right with you.

+ Does it cost money to download the Gyft app?

No, Gyft is absolutely FREE!

+ How can I download Gyft?

Gyft is optimized for the iPhone and Android. You can install the app from the iTunes Store or Google Play. Alternatively you can use our web-based site on your phone or desktop to claim any cards that you have received.

+ How does Gyft work?

Simply download Gyft to your phone and you can upload existing plastic gift cards, purchase new gift cards, or send cards to your friends via Facebook, email, or text.

+ What is Gyft?

Gyft is a digital gift card platform that enables consumers to manage their gift card needs. Users can ditch the plastic and use their mobile device to store, send and redeem gift cards.

3. Refunds, Returns and Exchanges

+ Can I exchange my gift card for a different gift card?

Sorry, you cannot exchange gift cards.

+ Can I get return my gift card or get a refund for my gift card purchase?

All purchases made on the websites or mobile applications are final. Purchased Gift Cards are non-returnable and non-refundable, provided, however, that if a Gift Card does not function, we may, in our sole discretion, either refund you the Gift Card purchase amount or replace the defective Gift Card with an alternative Gift Card or with products or services of equal value for the same Gift Card Vendor. If you have any questions or problems with your order, please contact [email protected].

4. Bitcoin

+ I’m making my first Bitcoin purchase, how do I check-out?

+ What exchange rate do you use for Bitcoin?

We use the exchange rates on BitPay found here.

+ Are there additional fees when I use Bitcoin?

No, there are no additional fees when using Bitcoin.

+ Can I also pay with a credit card?

Yes, we accept credit cards on an iPhone or Android device.

+ What devices accept Bitcoin?

iOS, Android devices and the Web.

+ What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new type of digital currency that makes it very easy to transfer money safely and securely.Learn more here.

5. Gyft Card

+ I’m a new Gyft user and just received a $5 Gyft Card. What do I do now?


Welcome to Gyft! We’re excited that you joined the Gyft family! Here’s how you redeem your $5 Gyft Card.


I signed up with my email address:

1. Validate your email address through the verification email we sent you.

2. Go back to your Gyft account.

3. Click on the Gyft Card and click the “Reveal Gift Code” button.

4. Copy the Gift Code.

5. Choose the gift card you’d like to purchase (must be $15 or more).

6. Paste the Gyft Card code in the Promo Code/Gyft Card field in the Order Summary page.

7. Complete your order by paying with a credit card, PayPal, or Buy with Google. Using our iPhone app? You can use Apple Pay as well!

8. Enjoy your new gift card!


I signed up with my Facebook or Google+ account:

1. In your Gyft Wallet, click on the Gyft Card and then click the “Reveal Gift Code” button.

2. Copy the Gift Code.

3. Choose the gift card you’d like to purchase (must be $15 or more).

4. Paste the Gyft Card code in the Promo Code/Gyft Card field in the Order Summary page.

5. Complete your order by paying with a credit card, PayPal, or Buy with Google. Using our iPhone app? You can use Apple Pay as well!

6. Enjoy your new gift card!


A couple things to keep in mind. This is a promotional card that expires 72 hours from when it was issued. The $5 Gyft Card can only be used for a gift card purchase of $15 or more. You will not earn Gyft Points when you use the $5 Gyft Card on your purchase. You cannot regift or use the card on a different Gyft account. The card can only be used once. Each user and household will only receive one $5 card. This promo is valid for U.S. residents only.

+ How do I redeem my Gyft Card?

Instructions to redeem your Gyft Card:
1. Copy your Gyft Card code
2. Shop for a gift card on www.gyft.com or via the iOS or Android Gyft app,
3. Paste your Gyft Card code into the Promo Code box on the checkout page and validate
4. Complete the payment process with a credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin, Buy with Google or Apple Pay.

+ Where can I buy a Gyft Card?

You can buy the Gyft Card across all Gyft apps (iOS, Android and web).

+ Where do I enter the Gyft Card code?

Enter your Gyft Card code into the Promo Code box on the checkout page.

+ Do I earn Points for my Gyft Card purchase?

Yes! You earn 3% back in Points when you pay with Bitcoin, 2% back in Points when you pay with Paypal, and 1% back in Points when you pay with a credit card or Buy with Google.

+ Do I earn Points when I redeem my Gyft Card?

No, you only earn Points when you purchase the Gyft Card.

+ Can I purchase a Gyft Card if I live outside of the US?

No, the Gyft Card is only available for purchase in the United States.

+ Can Gyft Cards be used in store?

No, the Gyft Card can only be redeemed on the Gyft website or the Gyft mobile apps.

+ What if my Gyft Card code is not working?

Don’t worry, the Gyft team can help! Just reach out to [email protected] and a Gyft team member will reach out to you as soon as they can!

+ What can I use my Gyft Card for?

You can use it towards any of our 200+ retailers!

+ Does my Gyft Card expire?

Gyft Cards have no fees and may expire after a period of five years.Read more details.

Promotional Gyft Cards do expire. These are Gyft Cards you received during a promotion and ones that you did not purchase. Please refer to card details for the expiration date.

+ Why am I getting an error message when applying my Gyft Card?

Your Gyft Card can only be redeemed for denominations equal to or greater than the Gyft Card value. For example, if you have a $50 Gyft Card, it can be redeemed for a gift card that is equivalent to $50 or greater. Not less than $50.

6. Gyft For Business

+ What can I do with the Gyft app?

All from Clover Station, you’ll be able to:

• Sell digital and physical gift cards to your customers.

• Accept gift cards from your customers’ phones as payment.

• Issue store credit via digital and physical gift cards.

• Check balances of digital and physical gift cards.

+ What do I need to do to get started?

You just need to install the Gyft app from the Clover App Market and agree to our terms and conditions to get started.

+ Can I try it out on a trial basis?

Yes, your first 30 days with Gyft are free.

+ What is the pricing?

Digital Gift Card Program:

$20 per month for unlimited gift cards, per location. No transaction costs.

Digital and Plastic Gift Card Program:

Monthly fee waived with a minimum of a 250 custom plastic card order per year, per location. No transaction costs.

+ How many gift cards am I able to issue at once?

You may issue one gift card at a time. 

+ Does the app enable me to issue plastic gift cards?

Yes! We now offer a plastic gift card program. Please contact giftcardorders@gyft.com for more information.

+ How is the digital gift card sent to the recipient?

You may send a digital gift card via email or text message.

+ How do you ensure that the mobile gift card has been received by the recipient?

We will send an initial email or text message to the recipient, and will follow up

with reminders to the recipient to open the gift card. The sender can choose to be

notified as well and also has the ability to send reminders by logging into his/her

Gyft account and re-sending the gift card via email or text message.

+ What tools do you have to help me market the service to my customers?

We will provide a Welcome Kit that includes table tents and window clings to help advertise the service.

+ What training materials do you have to help me train my employees on how to issue and redeem mobile gift cards?

We will provide a Welcome Kit that includes a Getting Started Guide and Owner’s Guide. Additionally, a video will soon be available that walks through each step of Gyft’s capabilities.

+ What are the branding options for my mobile gift cards?

Your company’s logo that you send to your Gyft Account Manager will be incorporated in your gift card image. If you don’t have a logo or choose not to provide one, the mobile gift card will use generic Gyft branding.

+ Where can my customers access, view or store their mobile gift cards?

Customers can access, view, and store their mobile gift cards in the FREE Gyft app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices, available for download from iTunes and Google Play. They can also go to www.gyft.com and log into their accounts to access their gift cards.

+ Is it required that the mobile gift cards be accessed via the Gyft app?

No, it is not required, but it is encouraged to enable a better experience as the recipient will be able to store and manage your gift card within the app, along with other gift cards.

+ What should I tell my customers about the Gyft app available in the app stores?

Let your customers know that the Gyft app is free and is the #1 trusted gift card mobile app to manage all of their gift cards. The recipients of your mobile gift cards can enroll in the Gyft app even after they have received your mobile gift card.

+ Am I able to sell my mobile gift cards in the Gyft app available in the app stores?

No. Your customers must purchase mobile gift cards through the Gyft app on your Clover Station(s).

+ What reporting is available on the mobile gift cards that I sell?

Gyft will email a monthly report to you that will include information such as number of gift cards sold, number of redemptions and outstanding balances.

+ When a customer is sending a mobile gift card to another recipient, can they set a future delivery date?

Yes! The customer can choose to send the mobile gift card for immediate delivery OR choose a future date such as an upcoming holiday or birthday.

+ How do customers check their gift card balance?

You can check their balance using Clover Station OR they can view the balance directly in the Gyft app.

+ Can customers choose different gift card themes or designs?

No, not at this time but this is something that we are evaluating as a future enhancement.

+ Can I reload mobile gift cards from Clover Station.

No, not at this time.

+ How do I ensure that customers can use the gift cards at both of my locations?

On the home screen of the Gyft app, select “More Options” then select “Generate Code” Write down the code that is generated and save it. This code will be 8 characters long and will be a combination of letters and numbers. 

For every device that you want to link in each store, select “More Options” then enter the 8-character code that was originally generated and saved and tap on “Link Store”. Your stores should now be successfully linked and your customers can use their gift cards at multiple locations. Please note: you will need to do this for every Clover device you would like the gift card to work on.

+ What if my customer does not have a mobile phone number or an email address? Can I print the mobile gift card?

There is no printing abilities for the mobile gift cards so an email address or mobile number is required.

+ Do the mobile gift cards have expiration dates and how are they managed within Gyft?

No, the mobile gift cards do not have expiration dates.

+ Do I need an Internet connection to use Gyft on the Clover Station?

Yes, it is very important that your Clover Station is connected to the Internet in order to use the Gyft app. It’s best to connect your stations to the Internet via network cables, as wifi can sometimes be unreliable.

+ I get an error or timeout message. What do I do?

+ I have a poor Internet connection detected, yet still works.

Please be aware that you might experience problems when the Gyft app attempts to contact our server and the connection is poor. Most of the time the app will let you know that it failed to contact the server or that a request timed out and you will be able to try again immediately.

7. Gyft Points

+ What is Gyft Points?

Gyft Points is Gyft’s loyalty program that rewards registered users for making purchases. Users are able to earn Points on Gyft and then redeem them for gift cards with Gyft. For more information about the Points program and the terms that apply, see our Gyft Terms of Service.

+ How do I earn Gyft Points?

Right now, you can earn Points by purchasing gift cards on Gyft with credit card, Buy with Google, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

For every $1 spent with Bitcoin, earn 3 Points.

For every $1 spent with PayPal, earn 2 Points.

For every $1 spent with a credit/debit card, earn 2 Points.

For every $1 spent with Buy with Google, earn 2 Points.

For every $1 spent with Apple Pay, earn 2 Points.

In the future, you may have other opportunities to earn Points.  For example, you may receive Points each time you upload a gift card. Stay tuned for updates.

+ How much is each Gyft Point worth?

When redeeming, each Point is worth $.01 USD.

For example, if you have 100 points, you can redeem them for a $1 discount.

+ How can I use Gyft Points?

In your mobile device or on the Gyft website, you can redeem points for any purchase at any time as long as they have not expired.

+ Do I earn Gyft Points if I use a promo code with my order?

If you use a promo code with your gift card purchase, you will not earn Gyft Points for that purchase. *If you redeem the $5 Gyft Card from the New User promotion on a gift card purchase, you will also not receive Points for that order.

+ How do I check out with Points?

In order for your points to be applied towards your purchase, select the gift card brand and denomination you want to buy- fill out the delivery options- then on the check-out page select the button that says “Redeem Your Gyft Points’” Your points will then be applied towards your purchase!

+ Where can I see how many Gyft Points I’ve earned?

1. Mobile device: If you select the red “Menu” button, there will be a tally of how many Points you have earned at the bottom of the menu.

2. Website: Sign in to your account and you should have a tally of how many Points you have at the top of the page.

+ What happens to my Points if I cancel an order?

If you cancel an order, the points you accumulated in connection with that order will be deducted from your Points balance.

+ Can I buy Points?

No, Gyft Points are not for sale at this time.  Stay tuned as this may change in the future.

+ Do my Points expire?

Unless we expressly state otherwise, Points automatically expire at the end of the following calendar year, which such Points were earned or received. For example, Points earned in September 1, 2014 will expire on December 31, 2015.

+ If I already am a member of Gyft, will my orders pre-Gyft Points launch be accounted for in Point accumulation?

Yes!  We will honor any purchases you have made in the past.  For example, if you have made $100 worth of purchases with a credit card before we launched Points, you should have 100 points in your Gyft wallet.

8. My Gyft Wallet

+ How long will it take for my order to process?

Orders are typically pretty instant, but there are occasions where it can take up to 24 hours to process. In most cases, they are shorter than that. Thank you for your patience. 

+ Is there a way to organize my gift cards?

Yes but only for Android users.

If you have an Android:

  • Swipe your finger to the right to pull up the menu
  • Select ‘Filter Cards’
  • From there you can filter all your cards.

We will be adding an organization feature to the web app and iPhone soon!

9. Redeeming

+ How do I delete cards after I redeemed the full amount?

You can only delete cards in the mobile app for now. This feature will be added to the web app soon!

+ I just received a notification that a gift card was sent to me, where is it?

In order to receive your gift card, click on the link sent to you in the text message or email. That link will guide you to create your Gyft account. You must create a Gyft account in order to receive your gift card. (Log in with Facebook, Twitter, G+, or Email)

+ How do I redeem a card in-store?

Step 1: Select “Redeem” on the card that you want to use and show the cashier the barcode or card number.
If there is no barcode…
Step 2: Ask the cashier to enter in the card number if there is no bar code.

+ I cannot redeem my iTunes Code. What should I do?

If you cannot redeem your iTunes Code, contact Apple Support.   Be ready to provide your proof of purchase along with the iTunes Code and order number available in your wallet.

Safety & Security

+ What if my phone gets stolen?

We always recommend that you set up a security passcode for your Gyft wallet. As soon as your phone is stolen, contact us as soon as possible so we can put a hold on your account.
To set up a passcode:
Step 1: Select “Menu”
Step 2: Select “Settings”
Step 3: Select “Set Passcode” (For Android users, select “Passcode”)
Step 4: Enter in the Passcode that you would like to use
Step 5: Write your passcode down in a safe place in case you forget it.

+ Is my information safe?

Yes, your information is safe with us! We use highly secured platforms to protect your data.

Sending & Receiving

+ Will I ever get a physical gift card in the mail?

No you will not get a gift card in the mail, all of our gift cards are digital and will be sent to your Gyft wallet.

+ Can I regift a card to a friend?

Yes, you can regift cards for all brands except for Victoria’s Secret, Best Buy®, iTunes Codes, and Bath & Body Works. 

For mobile users:

Step 1: Select the gift card that you want to re-gift
Step 2: Select ‘More’
Step 3: Select ‘Regift card’
Step 4: Select the friend that you want to re-gift the card to.

For web users:

Step 1: Select the gift card that you want to re-gift
Step 2: Select ‘REGIFT CARD”

+ How can I track if the gift cards I sent to my friends are being used?

For iPhone users:
Step 1: Select the red menu button
Step 2: Select ‘Settings’
Step 3: Under ‘Account’, Select ‘Track sent cards’

For Android users:
Step 1: Swipe your finger to right to pull up the menu
Step 2: Select ‘Settings’
Step 3: Select ‘Track sent cards’

+ I am having trouble claiming a gift card through Gyft

Please contact our Gyft support team and we’ll get a Gyfter to help you out!

+ How long will it take my friends to receive my gift cards?

All gift cards are delivered instantly!


+ How do I upload a card to my wallet?

For iPhone users:

Step 1: Select the red menu button in the bottom-left corner of the screen

Step 2: Select ‘Upload a gift card you own’

Step 3: Select the retailer you want to add. Please note: If the retailer is not listed, you can still add your card by typing it in the search bar by hitting “Add Store”

Step 4: The app will guide you to enter all the gift card numbers with the amount.

Step 5: Select ‘Add to wallet!’

For Android Users: Same as above, except to get to the menu button, swipe your finger to the right.

+ How do I check a balance?

For all users:
Step 1: Select the card that you want to check the balance on
Step 2: Select ‘More’
Step 3: Select the ‘Refresh’ button next to the amount on the card to refresh and check your balance

+ How do I enter a balance?

For all users:
Step 1: Select the card that you want to log a balance on
Step 2: Select ‘More’
Step 3: Select ‘Transactions’
Step 4: Log the amount that you spent.

+ Will the plastic card still work?

Yes, after you upload your gift card to the Gyft app, your plastic card will still work at the retailers.